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 Hawaii Camper Van Rentals in Hilo, Hawaii

Camping in Hawaii in one of Happy Campers Hawaii nostalgic VW camper van rentals is a unique and intimate way to explore Hawaii’s attractions, far from the tourist traps and “normal” Hawaii vacation rentals. Your adventure begins the moment you step into one of our custom camper vans. They come fully stocked for Hawaii camping fun and Island exploring!

Experience the Big Island in laid back Hawaiian-style and comfort! Slide open the door of your custom Hawaii vacation rental to the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean and stick your toes into the soft sand.  Trek to Kilauea Volcano to view the lava flow and take the ultimate adventure viewing nature’s awe striking power. Immerse yourself in our Hawaiian Island and culture…there’s nothing else like it on the planet!


Your VW Hawaii camper van rental is a home on wheels that gives you the opportunity to explore and make your own Hawaii camping adventure.  You get to experience an out of the ordinary freedom, different from any other Hawaii vacation rental because it’s all up to you: which spot to jump in the water and snorkel with beautiful marine life or ride the waves with a boogie board, where to spend the day kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the sweet breeze, it’s a true Hawaiian-style vacation.  Your very own paradise with an ocean view awaits you- just climb into your camper van and follow the Hawaiian sun to new and breath taking destinations!

The Big Island of Hawaii has many magical and spectacular events going on at all times, from the eruption of Kilauea, which you can view on land or at the ocean’s edge, to the tropical paradise hidden down deep in the Waipio Valley, plus everything in between!

Imagegroup_02The Island and our VW Camper Van rentals go hand in hand to guide you to the most amazing places on earth.  You can be parked next to the ocean’s edge snorkeling out of your Hawaiian vacation rental and an hour later be walking the lava rocks to explore the many wonders of an active volcano. Nowhere else can you do that!

Let Happy Campers Hawaii help and guide you on your journey to the most amazing and educational Hawaii Camping vacation you will ever experience. Exploring the Island in our camper vans is an unforgettable journey which will leave you with sweet memories of the sun and surf, thrilling stories of volcanoes and lava, and a better appreciation of the wonder and beauty that this unique Island has to offer.

Please note: Happy Campers Hawaii is a privately owned family business and not associated with any other camper van rental business


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